please consider this.  just because you liked to draw when you were little doesn’t mean you should become a tattoo artist.  not everyone can do it.   getting into the tattoo business isn’t fucking someone to become an apprentice.  it’s not about looking pretty.  i don’t walk around in heels and clown make up because i believe i have some sort of talent.  i don’t want my clients to get tattooed by me because they want to fuck me.  i want them to get tattooed by me because they respect my work.  oh, you saw kat von d on tv and wanted to be just like her?  cool story, bro.  kat is a great artist and everything, but why not take a fucking minute to check out some other real female tattoo artists?  valerie vargas is the jam, so is eva huber. female tattoo artists who dedicate themselves to their work and don’t care about developing a make up line, or what they wear to the teen choice awards.  i’m all for there being a lot more girls in my line of work, but please fucking respect yourself.  if you take more time to put on your fake eyelashes than you do to put a tattoo on someone, it’s time to reconsider your fucking profession.  get out of mine.  

2 years ago
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    We’ll said girl much respect for this very talented female artist ! With two feet planted firmly on the ground !
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    Right on fuckin point
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    uuhh yeah i cannot agree with OP unfortunately. What makes me not like Kat is that she’s fake. But to diss women who...
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    sell your art not your tits ladies i think its every womans right to look how they want. i see make up as an art and...
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    Wow OP is a discredit to her line of work. I wouldn’t want to get tatted by some arrogant bitch who probably can’t stand...
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    WOW, so basically if i want to succeed in an industry I Love i can no longer wear makeup, or give a fuck about my...
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    So you’re saying that if you’re a woman who cares about her appearence, that means you’re not suited for the job? How...
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    o0o0o00o00ooo it’s yoo0o0urs i didn’t realize anyone with a vagina was banned from ur super secret boy club
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    hey, thanks for being a massive piece of shit!
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    lol soz I didn’t know there were restrictions to when a person could care about their own aesthetics and when they...
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    This is dumb as hell.
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    ^ Word. This should have nothing to do with being female. You don’t generalize all male tattoo artists so don’t do it to...